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Katy James Veterinary Physiotherapist and Hydrotherapist

Katy is the founding member and owner of Haybridge Veterinary Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy. The business was set up in 2018 after she graduated from Warwickshire College with a BSc (Hons) in Veterinary Physiotherapy and then expanded to include hydrotherapy in 2024, after gaining her Level 3 Canine Hydrotherapy qualification from Hawksmoor Hydrotherapy. Katy is fully insured and a member of the National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists (NAVP).

Growing up with her parents agility border collies, Katy naturally became involved with agility. At the age of 6 she got her first dog, an Italian Greyhound called Flora. Although not your typical agility dog, Katy and Flora qualified for Crufts multiple times in the YKC events. Flora taught her so much with regards to teaching her future performance dogs. Scout, a rehomed cocker spaniel, was Katy's next successful, (albeit very naughty at times!) agility dog. Scout competed at championship level and also competed at Crufts for many years. Presently Katy has an 8 year old Welsh x Border Collie called Ace, who competes at grade 6, and a 4 year old Working cocker spaniel, Rebel, who has just won in to grade 4! Katy has also been a part time agility and hoopers trainer for Swan School of Dog Training for the past 10 years.

Some of Katy's other part time jobs growing up included working at hunt yards as a groom, at a local vets as a 'Saturday morning girl' and at Larkshill Stud.

Katy was also lucky enough to grow up with horses, initially partaking in pony club activities and then focusing on dressage as she entered into her teenage years. Although she doesn't currently own a riding horse, Katy does own 5 broodmares (and a shetland...!). Katy and her partner, Tom,  established Haybridge Stud in 2016 and aim to breed top class dressage foals. We have a FB page if you wish to take a look.

Katy became interested in veterinary physiotherapy growing up. Competing with the dogs and horses she realised how important, and essential, it is to keep our animals in tip top shape for their best possible performances. She also realised how beneficial veterinary physiotherapy can be in helping maintain our older pets with their mobility, and to rehabilitate our pets that have suffered injuries or post surgery.

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